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Aow CommanderRoster

Commanders can gain experience through all manner of combat and after receiving enough will upgrade. Upgrading Commander levels can allow Commanders to possess even greater leadership, energy and even higher-level skills. Commander level limits are determined by the Warp Gate and continuing to upgrade your Commander level is important to improving your forces’ combat prowess.

Icon Name Claim to Fame
AoW C1FlareIcon
Flare Once attached to the I.S.F. (Interplanetary Strategic Force) special division and later killed his superior. News came out that his superior was bribed by the enemy into providing false information that lead to the massacre of Flare's personal squad.
AoW C2BulletIcon
Bullet Actually a fully living and breathing human. He has a penchant for wearing heavy mechanical armor. Bullet was sent to prison for stealing imperial military supplies.
AoW C3AxeIcon
Axe Participated in a secret imperial body modification plan and became an immensely powerful living weapon.To guarantee his loyalty to the empire, the imperial government brutally murdered his family. Afterwards he left the empire and slaughtered many imperial troops. He is now in a maximum security interstellar prison.
AoW C4RaidenIcon
Raiden Lightning is her nickname from her interstellar gang days. Her real name is Kate Kardashian, but which in the Tuckman tongue is the "Greedy Alcoholic." She hopes all of us call her Lightning.
AoW C5LunaIcon
Luna Once attached to the I.S.F. special forces covert operations unit and its top assassin. After successfully separating from the control of the Sceadu imperial government, she went underground and disappeared.
AoW C6KaKarrotIcon
Kakaroot Strong warrior hailing from the Veketa planet that briefly served in the I.S.F. forces. After his two personalities appeared, proving to be highly unstable, he was placed in a maximum security interstellar prison.
AoW C7RocketIcon
Rocket Roguette is this star system's most famous arms and explosives expert and is being held by the government for crimes jeopardizing interstellar security. She said if there is a day she gets out of prison, she'll make the imperial government pay.
AoW C8NekojiroIcon
Nekojira Before Nekojiro was made into a weapon, he was nothing more than a docile pussy cat. Now, his favorite hobby is basking in the sun, sleeping and doing both at the same time.
AoW C9KidIcon
Kid Born in prison and unable to verify his parents' identities. Although he is young, he is skilled in all forms of fighting and possesses a brilliant mind for crime and planned a massive prison riot. Don't let his outward appearance fool you. He is very dangerous.
AoW C10MedusaIcon
Medusa T.B.D.
AoW C11CoenIcon
Coen TBD
AoW C12GrievousIcon
Grievous TBD
AoW C13KrakenIcon
Kraken TBD
AoW C14AlbertIcon
Albert TBD
AoW C15NB55Icon
NB-55 NB-55's little sister NB-59 was stolen away by an evil lot. So he decided with his good friends: SU-41 and BK-182 to go searching for this villain and settle the score. Now, they are in jail for stealing a spacecraft on the way.
AoW C16MarukoIcon
Maruko TBD
AoW C17ChiefIcon
Chief Hailing from the Planet Abyss- Cassitan. Once worshipped as a demigod, he has unmatched magical powers and can tear his foe's minds apart.
AoW C18GolemIcon
Golem Once founded the largest company of mercs in the galaxy - Black Ice. he has personally trained a countless number in his image: heartless, cold-blooded killing machines.
AoW C19MaryIcon
Mary Everyone always asks Mary how she's able to wield such a giant hammer. She always answers: "The key is not the size of hammer, but your determination".
AoW C20JeganIcon
Jegan TBD
AoW C21LilithIcon
Lilith TBD

Evolve Edit

AoW CommanderEvolve

Once you have collected enough medals for a Commander to Evolve to the next level you return to the Commander Roster, select the Commander eligible to Evolve and click Evolve.