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Explore Edit

AoW Explore

Combat Edit

You pick a commander and units you want involved in the attack. A Commander specializing in Airships and Airships were chosen because they are more effective agains Infantry. Once combat is resolved casualties will be displayed, gained XP points and any rewards.

If an Explore tile has the
AoW MopUPIcon

Mop Up

Mop Up icon you can use Mop Up coupons to collect the reward and XP points for that tile without losing any troops. You can use 10 coupons per day. If you have VIP active you can use additional coupons up to the limit for your VIP level and what is available in you inventory. Click on the Mop Up button, it will change to Common. Then click Attack.

Mop Up Edit

AoW MopUp

Mop Uo Reward Edit

AoW MopUpReward