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Upgrade Edit

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Upgrade Edit

Captains can, on the Upgrade tab of the Guild page, click any to donate resources.

Resource donation can upgrade the levels of all internal guild advantages. The advantages will be greater for each member of the guild.

Every captain can only donate every resource 6 times each day, and every time the number will get even larger. The next day it will return to starting levels.

When donating resources, the donor will receive Reputation Points. Reputation Points can be used at the guild store, and Captains can exchange Reputation Points for strong items.

Guild technology increases the buffs of all members of the Guild. Guild members can donate resources to strengthen the Guild’s science and technology. The higher the science and technology level, the better the buffs.

Reputation Points Edit

Resources donated to the Guild and assistance in Capital Battles can receive ReputationPoints.

Reputation Points can buy you items from the Guild store on the Guild page.

Tip:After leaving a Guild, Reputation Points will be reset to 0. So before leaving a Guild, don’t forget to use your Reputation Points.